Our Site is Mobile Phone-Friendly for Pilot Safety

Cut Bank International Airport has upgraded its website to accommodate ever increasing number of pilots using mobile phones to browse mission-critical data for incoming and outgoing flight information.

As many of us pilots know, our mobile phones are the key connection to the latest flight information, border crossing, and weather updates, not to mention key communication access points for real-time situational updates such as weather. While the world’s latest technology trends may not always provide information or safety if faulting, Cut Bank International Airport realizes that keeping up with today’s standards is a must for aviators and their crews or passengers.

Recently, the Cut Bank Airport has enhanced its website to include a modern architecture that accommodates easy to read content and updates for any mobile device.

At the same time, while  processing a complex border task, it is still recommended that all forms be completed at home before you leave for a border crossing.

Learn more about Crossing the U.S. Border here

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